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Dear Duffey Memorial Family,

The past few months have been challenging for our church. Thanks to your prayers and your financial support we have been able to deliver the Word of God to most of our Duffey folks and to many others. Through our live-streamed service, our videos, and our radio program we are reaching hundreds of people with the gospel. Of those who had completed our survey by Tuesday, 47% watch our live-stream, 47% listen to our radio program, and 22% watch our worship video. Some participate in our worship in more than one way. If you did not respond to our survey, we hope that you still will. Your input may help us with future decisions.

Some of our folks still long to be together. More than half of those who have completed our survey are ready to come together. Although it would not be safe for us to “go back” to the way we were doing things last year, we want to safely “go forward.” Our “Going Forward” team has examined trends in our state and community; guidelines from the CDC, the state, and the conference; and responses to our survey. We have planned carefully and obtained needed supplies. If there is no upsurge in covid-19 cases in the meantime we will be ready to offer outdoor gatherings on Sunday evenings beginning August 9.

More than a third of those who would like to gather again say they would want to do so outdoors, and 58% tell us that they are willing to do so only if everyone present is wearing a mask. None of the respondents told us that they are unable or unwilling to wear a mask.

Our plan is to gather on Sunday evenings at 7:00 on our church property. Our gatherings will be limited to 40 minutes. You are invited to bring your own lawn chair, but we will provide one if you need it. We will be visiting with one another, but from a distance. We will limit our gathering to 25 persons. If the weather is not suitable, we will not meet.

If you would like to attend, you will need to make a reservation by selecting a date above. Please reserve a spot for Aug. 9 or 16 but not both. (We want to give others a chance to come.) You can make reservations here on our website at or call 304-538-2024 any weekday between 9 and 4.

We want you to be safe, and we want others to be safe. Please stay at home and listen to the radio or watch the livestream if your age or your pre-existing health conditions put you at a high risk for covid-19. Please stay at home if you have a cough or a fever. Please stay at home if you have been to an area with a high rate of covid-19 infections in the past two weeks. Please plan to wear a mask. (If you need one, we will have one for you.) If you have questions about any of this, you are invited to call 304-538-2024. Even if you are not among those who plan to attend, please be in prayer for those who do attend. Thank you and God bless you.

Pastor Mark